Have you ever asked yourself – why do you travel?

I’m serious now. Doesn’t matter if you are an employee with a scheduled vacation or an entrepreneur filling your calendar on your own. One day you start planning a holiday. So what do you have on your mind at that moment?

Just to have some rest.

We all have some basic needs, like: eat, sleep, have sex, be in a nice and friendly environment. These are life-essential things for healthy human functioning. Going to an all-inclusive resort, you get all of it. Life becomes as simple as it used to be in childhood. You don’t need to be responsible for anything: they clean your room, they give you food, everything happens by itself. And you can go and dissolve your thoughts in a sea.

But you don’t know anything about a country you went to, it’s like a TV show behind a car or a bus window on the way between resort and airport. Not a big difference from going to a SPA and then watching Travel Channel, ah?

To put a check in the list.

Some people are hungry for knowledge, others are driven by social anxiety.

The first is common for inexperienced travellers, who do not yet understand what exactly they want. Sooner or later, they will develop preferences and will focus on particular things they wish.

Others are all about check-ins, selfies and likes. Ask them “What have you seen? What did you feel there?” I bet they wouldn’t even notice the difference between Amsterdam and London.

I’ve heard a story about a Japanese guy travelling in Europe who planned his trip… alphabetically! According to his plan, he went from Bratislava to Bruxelles, and then to Budapest. He was not spending more than 24 hours per city, mostly drinking in hostels with backpackers. Quite exceptional artistic performance, but what’s the point?

To know the world.

If we stop seeing the world as a supermarket with shelves breaking from goods, we will notice the real purpose of travel, known for ages – the best way to understand the world and ourselves. Many wise quotes were said about this. Just an example:

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

Gustave Flaubert

The obvious way to explore the world in your own rhythm is independent travel. But what it takes? Nobody will take responsibility for your transport, hotels, meals and communication with locals. If you enjoy solving travel puzzles, you will get priceless life experience.

But what to do if you want to run away from day to day stress? Well, there is a solution. To resolve the conflict between comfort and freedom, you can get a tailored tour wherever you want. And, yep!, this is our job here! If you’d like to know how things work, just drop me a line, and I will tell everything. You can even choose to drive a real Toyota Land Cruiser with all those 4×4 pretty-pretties!

So what to do?

It is not a good practice to advise how to live. So it is with travel. Not only we are all different, but it is absolutely ok to change our preferences. Always follow your heart and make choices for your own good, not someone’s approval.