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Useful Information


Travel insurance is obligatory for all clients and you must confirm in writing that you have cover for the activities we provide. Always check the list of included/excluded activities to ensure that you are covered.

You will also need to read the policy fully to determine that it meets your specific needs regarding the level of cover you require and also with regards to any pre-existing medical conditions.

You are responsible for arranging your own insurance for the full duration of your holiday, please contact for any further information you may need.


All tourists entering Romania require a current passport with at least 6 months validity. Holders of UK, EU and USA passports no longer require a visa to enter Romania as tourists. Other passport holders must check for visa requirements, either online or with a Romanian Embassy or Consulate.

Equipment and clothing

In higher altitudes and the mountains the weather can change very quickly; very hot daytime temperatures and cold temperatures at night. Storms can quickly come ‘out of nowhere’, so our advice is to be prepared beforehand. Even in the months of July and August sleet and even snow can occur and yet summer temperatures on the plains and lower altitudes can reach 35, sometimes even over 40 degrees Celsius.

We advise our clients to bring with them the following :

  • warm jacket
  • gloves (optional but better to have these than suffer cold hands)
  • fleece or wool hat
  • small rucksack for walks and hikes
  • comfortable, strong, quick drying trousers
  • comfortable cotton shorts or equivalent
  • waterproofs – Jacket and pants
  • comfortable tramping/hiking boots
  • head torch
  • mobile phone (in a plastic wallet)
  • camera
  • sun hat, sun glasses and high level sun cream

Note: Sleeping bags are not provided

Driving Licence

Every driver must have his/her current driving license up to date.


Euro, UK pound sterling and US dollars can easily be exchanged in Romania. But please only bring notes that are in new condition as ripped notes or those in bad condition will not be accepted by banks or exchange offices in Romania. Scottish and Northern Irish bank notes may not be accepted in banks and exchange offices.

In general travel cheques are not accepted in Romania as this is essentially a cash economy. An increasing number of businesses, shops and restaurants in major towns and cities do accept credit cards but you must have your PIN numbers for all your cards. There is now a large network of ATMs that accept standard international credit and debit cards.

In most of the remote places and villages Adventure Romania travels to, cash is the only way to pay for things. The prices are relatively cheap for alcoholic drinks, especially outside of Bucharest. Euros are also accepted in some places. You may have difficulties using travelers’ cheques.