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Transylvania Standard Holiday Tours 2020


7 Jun – 14 Jun 2020 / 18 Oct – 25 Oct 2020 (8 days) – EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT AVAILABLE!

Transylvania… the land beyond the forest. The name sounds like it comes from a fairy tale, like Narnia or Neverland. And there are thousands other reasons to fall in love with this place. The Carpathian Mountains are unique in nature and landscapes, once seen you will always recognise a view on any picture. Medieval castles and towns keep the spirit of kings and knights taking you to a back in time travel. Remote mountain villages let you forget about 21st-century rush and plunge into real rural living tightly linked with nature in every detail of everyday life.


5-18 July 2020 (14 days) – EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT AVAILABLE!

A two-week long adventure through breathtaking landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains, this tour is a great opportunity to witness the rich history and culture of Transylvanian villages and towns.
From off-road driving to visiting one of the largest outdoor museums in Europe, from “downtown” hotels to traditional sheepfolds, this holiday has been carefully tailored for our guests who choose to take a step away from conventional traveling.


2 Aug – 9 Aug 2020 / 20 Sept – 27 Sept 2020 (8 days) – EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT AVAILABLE!

You might have heard that the most rural places in Romania are in the Northern part of the country. Romania is a rural country. Simply if you take a road further than the end of the asphalt, where an ordinary tourist would stop, you will find a country untouched by the 20th century. You ask “Why?” Because they don’t have electricity, but instead, you will find a living museum. That’s why we choose to drive 4×4 on our holiday tours, so our guests can experience a life in such small communities, where travelers are very welcome. All mountain regions in Romania hide these places. Don’t believe that people can still live like centuries ago? Come and see yourself!