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About Us

We are the small team of off-road enthusiasts who collectively share love of nature and the outdoors.


Vali is the founder and the mastermind of «Adventure-Romania». He was born in the historical Transylvanian town of Brasov. Has a medical education and used to work as a biomedical engineer in Romanian and British hospitals. He has also been a mountain rescue volunteer. In 1993 he moved to the U.K., but one off-road driving weekend near Stonehenge with some friends changed everything. He purchased a Land Rover to explore new horizons and came back to Romania to discover hidden parts of his homeland.

He realised that his true passion is off-road driving. In 2002, against all the good advice from the family and friends, he moved back to Romania. He left the secure job for a more adventurous life, remembering the saying «follow your passion, not your pension».

In Romania, he was involved in off-road competitions, both racing and organising. He became the president of the Bucharest Off-road Club. Searching for perfect trails for off-road competitions he gained a lot of experience and discovered many roads. Many of them are used now for adventure trips.

Vali is passionate about Romania, its history, traditions and heritage. This is how «Adventure Romania» was founded, to share life experience in Romania with people looking for joy.

Vali’s photos in NationalGeographic YourShot project.


Our trusted partner in all the craziest adventures we’ve ever had. She has a few sisters and they all are at you disposal when traveling with us.