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Pack your bags!

Transfagarasan… Ok, let’s try again! Trans-fagaras-an, bravo!

Dear travellers, pack your bags – the way is clear! The second highest paved road in Romania, 2042 meters at the top point, was covered with 5 meters of snow this winter. Normally it is closed for pass-through from November until June because of too harsh nature behaviour, falling rocks and avalanches. So, after this year’s ample winter it took some efforts to clean it up.

Pictures by PRO TV Romania.

Transfagarasan is called “Ceausescu’s Folly” by The Guardian and “The best road in the world” by Top Gear (Sorry, Stelvio Pass! You are not the best anymore). Actually, you may not read further, just come and see it 🙂

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But if you are still interested… Transfagarasan is a connection between Transylvania and Wallachia created for military needs in communist times. It had a very high cost, both financial and human. What do you think was happening in 1970-s around 6000 tonnes of dynamite? Sad, but true. A lot of people died.

The official opening of the pass trough the Fagaras Mountains (now you now where is the name comes from! Tras – Fagaras = Transfagarasan) was on 20 September 1974. Paving of the road was finished only around 1980. And they still have to keep working on it today. Remember about falling rocks? You will see plenty of warning signs along the road. Gradually more and more slopes enforcements appear and one day may be, we will have a chance to enjoy winter views from the highest point of the Transfagarasan road without any danger.

A few facts about Transfagarasan:
– the road connects Transylvania and Walachia regions;
– its official code is DN7C;
– declared length is from 90 km counting only mountains part to approximately 150 km of the whole road;
– there are two amazing lakes – Balea and Vidraru, I will tell you about them the next time;
– there are 5 tunnels, the longest one is 884 meters long and is the exact place where you cross between Transylvania and Walachia;
– the highest point of the road is 2042 meters above sea level, which is 103 meters lower than Transalpina;
– certain parts of Transfagarasan are used for cycling competitions and are similar in difficulty to “hors catégorie” (“hors catégorie” (HC) is a French term used in stage bicycle races to designate a climb that is “beyond categorization”) climbs in the Tour de France.

And the main point – Transfagarasan is simply amazing! Write me, if you want to go there!