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Exploring new roads in Transylvania – Day 2

Will you vote “a morning cannot be good” or you are from an opposite party? Ours was incredibly good! When you wake up far from a city and your first breath is like a sip of an elixir of life… And a stunning bright rainbow in the sky. We visit a couple of hotels to inspect and arrange future bookings, then escape back to pastoral countryside roads. We still have to train precise driving between objects on the road. And after another turn… Ouch! We find the road blocked by huge rocks. No way to clean it up even with the help of a winch. But the nearest rock looks strange… Something there reflects the light too bright for an ordinary stone. I come closer and… Close my eyes, open, look again… I can’t believe what I see – bright yellow metallic spots on the rock’s surface. You’ve already got an idea what it could be? Gold! Have you ever had this feeling that you’ve found a treasure? Of course, it was something only looking as gold. But why not keep this memory as it was a real treasure. Remember the rainbow?.. Maybe this is the place where a leprechaun’s pot of gold was hidden.

Our treasure – adventures we create, so we leave things as they are. Rebuild a little the route for the rest of the day, turn around and drive through lovely Romanian landscapes. We are now in Transylvania. For the night we stay in a billion stars hotel, under the moon atop a hill. The booking includes dinner, breakfast with freshly brewed coffee and an unforgettable view.