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That will be one of the questions many people will ask themselves. We hope to prove to you that Adventure Romania is a unique experience.

Romania is a country with many contrasts, a place where you will encounter the life of the 21st century in main populated cities and a rural life, in some areas hasn’t changed for centuries.

Romania is situated in the southeastern part of Central Europe and shares borders with Hungary to the northwest, Serbia to the southwest, Bulgaria to the south, the Black Sea to the southeast, Ukraine to the east and to the north and the Republic of Moldova to the east.

Experience Romania’s winding roads and isolated off-road trails. Travel across Transylvania and the wild Carpathian Mountains, through dense natural forests, immense gorges, beautiful green valleys, streams rippling through alpine pastures, while sheep flocks are grazing under vigilant eyes of shepherds and their dogs.



Witness traditions passed down from generation to generation since ancient times

Transhumance has been practiced in this area for over a thousand years. Paths of transhumance have been known for centuries; they were written down on old maps of the Balkans. Secrets of unseen roads are still passed from generation to generation.

And it is on these ancient tracks we do much of our travelling using off-road vehicles. Along these trails, you will see some of the richest and the most botanically diverse hay meadows in Europe. Hundreds of species of wildflowers blossom here, most of them became rare in the rest of Europe due to chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

You will hear stories about the life in the mountains, where large carnivores still exist in a significant amount: bears, wolves and even the illusive lynx still share same surroundings and live in a relative harmony with humans. But this doesn’t mean that wolves and bears won’t attack livestock; for this reason, each sheepfold has a pack of dogs.

Enjoy the authentic life of Romanian mountain dwellers

Our journeys take us through mountain villages: a number of these have no electricity or running water or the basic things we take for granted in our modern lives. When the nearest shop is far away, the locals are forced to travel the rough tracks by horse and cart or even on foot. Children walk these paths to school over long distances even through harsh winter conditions.

Despite the apparent problems they face, when you meet the locals, they will greet you with a warm smile. If ever you find yourself in trouble, they will give you a hand and as if this is not enough, you may often get invited for dinner. These simple people and their hospitality are another reason why our trips are unique. To experience this way of life is magnificent and you will be astonished by these wonderful people and their way of life.

Romania has a rich history but in a few words these lands were originally owned by the Dacian tribes in the first century AD. In the first part of the second century AD they were invaded by the Romans for all the riches found in this country. When all the barbarian hoards weakened the Roman Empire boundaries they were forced to retreat. The Saxons immigrated in Transylvania, under the orders of the newly found Hungarian Empire to build defence strongholds against the Mongol invasion. Even today these fortifications are still standing after some 800 years and some of the fortified churches are still used for Sunday mass.



Amazing castles and fortresses stand proof of the rich history of these places

The crossroads between Western Europe (the Austrian-Hungarian Empire), Asia (Ottoman Empire) and Eastern Europe (Russian Empire and USSR) is revealed at every step you take in the country of Romania. Our traditions are unique in the world. A traditional dance, Hora, is practiced even today at weddings and parties. Folk costumes: people wear traditional clothes for specials events and sometimes even at work. We work the land like our ancestors used to. Even today we build wood churches like we did in the XVI century.

When you arrive today in a countryside house you will discover food cooked like 400 years ago and your mouth will be invaded by different flavors. Traveling in Romania you will see the shadow of Vlad The Impaler. And if you stop for a moment you will discover what is there beyond the myth of «Dracula».

An amazing blend of flavours in Romanian dishes show another story of the many influences that have shaped these lands

Almost all our guests have asked themselves: «Am I going to survive Romanian dishes?» Like any other Eastern European country we have a variety of local recipes but our gastronomy includes a lot of influences from surrounding countries and cultures. Romanian food is based on red and white meat and fish. Of course, there are plenty of options for vegetarians as well, both new and old recipes. We could talk a lot more about food, but we’ll just stop at saying – you’ll love it.