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Corinne’s trip to Romania

Corinne’s trip to Romania. What did we do so far in 2 days, out of 7:

Day 1: We visited the Ceausescu Palace in Snagov, visited the monastery where the Vlad the Impaler was buried, passed the town of Ploiesti from where we bought chocolate with a touch of 1980 communist era. Drove to Targoviste to see the place where the Ceausescu and his wife Elena spent their last days of life. Stopped in the town of Cimpulung for lunch, nice soup. We took the road to Curtea de Arges and half way made a quick detour to Corbii de Piatra to visit a church built inside a rock, meet some gipsy travelers, we stopped at the lake in Nucsoara, a village where people have been fighting the communist regime after the WWII and the Securitatea in Romania, for more then 10 years. We crossed the mountains to Vidraru Lake meeting on the way shepherds herding their flocks at sunset. Arrived at the hotel, dinner and afterwards we waited for the bear to come for a drink :), he didn’t turn up.

Day 2:

Morning coffee. We witness the way local people slaughtered a pig ,how they clean and burn the skin of the pig, before they slice the meat. Drove to Vidraru Dam and started the off-road section to Valea Oltului, stopped close to a farm, where we meet Tomas and his friend, 2 Czech guys on their BMW bike’s riding in Romania, for a short time we drove and rode together, stopped for a picnic together and listened to their story, how they encountered a big bear on the road :), funny we had been waiting for the same bear to turn up a night before. We stopped in the next village to buy some food for people we may meet in our journey to help out where we could . On the way we found 2 kids and their mother herding cows, goats and a pack of dogs, they were siting under a tree in the shade, we gave them one of the bags of groceries we bought and the children were very happy for the presents. One more stop, the Czech guys arrived as well and a camper van with a young couple from Germany driving around Romania. I gave them some advice about the route they will have to take and carried on to the Olt Valley, on the way we stopped again to give some bags with food to three old ladies wet met on the road. The day finished in Sibiel, after we stopped for a drink in Sibiu and to visit the city.