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Roving Wild Transylvania

This time I won’t bother you with stories. Better watch our short film about our guests’ trip πŸ™‚ and then tell us what do you think about it.

The last King of Romania

Romania has just said goodbye to the last King – Regele Mihai I, also known abroad as King Michael. His life was not mild and he did many remarkable things, including significant shortening of the World War II. I can say with belief: if a good producer will take his story – the film will knock out …

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Pack your bags!

Transfagarasan… Ok, let’s try again! Trans-fagaras-an, bravo! Dear travellers, pack your bags – the way is clear! The second highest paved road in Romania, 2042 meters at the top point, was covered with 5 meters of snow this winter. Normally it is closed for pass-through from November until June because of too harsh nature behaviour, …

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The best gift ever

Would you like to make a gift to somebody which will last forever? I think you’d love to. And there is something I want to offer you, it cannot be lost or stolen. It’s hardly possible to throw it away. I’m talking about impressions, memories and experiences. Take your beloved one to a surprise holiday! …

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Northern colors of Planet Romania

Seeking for adventures, we often try to run away from civilization. But people can create awesome things also. On this trip, we went so far to the North that we nearly crossed into Ukraine. Can you imagine that we accidentally found ourselves 500 meters in front of the border? Lucky we, looked on the map …

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