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The best gift ever

Would you like to make a gift to somebody which will last forever? I think you’d love to. And there is something I want to offer you, it cannot be lost or stolen. It’s hardly possible to throw it away. I’m talking about impressions, memories and experiences. Take your beloved one to a surprise holiday!

We were entrusted with organising a birthday gift trip this Easter. It is not a secret anymore so we can share with you some details.

Instead of a crowded hotel, we’ve found a cosy house on top of a mountain. We’ve thrown away any schedules and alarm clocks. The breakfast was served with the first sound of our guests’ steps on the stairs. Then we left on the route to explore magical Transylvania. Castles and fortified churches, plains and mountains, sunny meadows and off-road trails under the rain, spiced with breaks for picnic lunches, they had a bit of everything.

For evenings we’ve engaged Vali’s secret skill. Usually, people go to local restaurants for the best examples of local and traditional food. But our guests don’t need to. Not only he crafts the best routes and guides tours, but he can replace and outdo any restaurant when it comes to Romanian traditional cooking.

And the last morning made a big surprise for our dear guests from sunny Israel. When they woke up everything was covered with snow! Do you think anybody was disappointed? No way! It’s been the excellent addition, we had had a few of any season’s sceneries in just 5 days.

Want your own surprise holiday? Just write me a message!